Heating Repair

Trilogy AC can repair any brand of air conditioning system at a low cost for residential or commercial projects. We will explain any problems we may encounter and carry very competitive for parts and labor, and we offer first-class customer service.

Bad Smelling

  • Accumulation of bacteria and mold in the ducts due to a lack of cleaning, facing this situation a good disinfection is required.
  • A bad installation that causes bathroom and/or kitchen odors go through the ducts.
  • Kitchen grease can accumulate on the vents in the ventilation system.
  • That the ducts catch bad odors from outside. In this case, an ozone system would have to be installed to eliminate those bad odors.

System Makes Noise

  • The drain of the indoor unit is clogged and so the indoor unit leaks.
  • The indoor machine may leak water because the condensate pan is leaking.
  • The grilles can leak if the supply speed is low causing the air to condense.
  • The grilles can sweat if there is a lack of return, and therefore the air returns to a different temperature.
  • The vents can leak if the user has the windows open and cold outside air enters the house and hits the hot vents causing condensation.

System Does Not Heat

  • Check if it is in heating mode.
  • The outdoor unit is frozen by low temperatures.
  • The air conditioner system lacks gas.
  • The outdoor unit fan does not work.
  • The indoor unit has dirty filters and cannot collect air.
  • The compressor does not work well.

System Does Not Warm

  • Gas leak is the most common cause, but not the only one. If there is a leak in new installations, the most normal thing is that it occurs in the connections/welds of the copper circuit that connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit. When the system is outdated, the most common is that the leak is in one of the two units.
  • When the filters are dirty, the indoor unit cannot collect the air and therefore its delivery capacity is lower. This is also a waste of energy.
  • The indoor unit fan does not work properly.
  • Start capacitors run the compressor, fan, and condenser. If any of these fail, the air conditioner stops expelling cold.
  • Outdoor unit fan does not work.
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