What is SEER Rating?

What is SEER Rating, and why should you care? Maybe you saw the words SEER Rating in your AC Unit and wondered what’s the meaning of it. SEER is the acronym for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” and is the way to measure the energy efficiency of central air conditioners. The …


Give The Gift Of Comfort

Give The Gift Of Comfort Far away are those days when we used to give Mom a macaroni necklace or a handmade card but we still need to show her our true love, and what’s better than to give the gift of comfort? This year be ready and creative to …


How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Do you have any idea how good or bad your indoor air quality is? In this blog post, the Trilogy Family shares with you some tips to breathe better air in your house. But first, it is very important to understand that indoor …


Spring Allergies

Spring Allergies You don’t need a calendar to know spring has arrived. Yes, because pollen and allergens in general are floating around outdoors and indoors. And it’s here where you have to take better care. There are big chances you are sneezing all day long and you didn’t leave the …


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th, and Trilogy Services AC wants to celebrate it all month long as a way to honor those women. This movement started in 1908 in New York when a group of women who were garment workers went on strike, claiming …


¿Cómo funciona mi AC?

Cómo funciona mi sistema de aire acondicionado Todo el mundo sabe que un sistema de aire acondicionado mantiene su hogar o negocio fresco durante los veranos calurosos de Texas. Sin embargo, ¿alguna vez se ha preguntado cómo funciona realmente? Proceso de enfriamiento. Su unidad de aire acondicionado utiliza productos químicos …