International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated March 8th, and at Trilogy Services AC want to celebrate it all month long as a way to honor those women.

This movement started in 1908 in New York when a group of women who were garment workers went on strike, claiming for better working conditions. They used to have the worst jobs, underpaid and dealt with many kinds of harassment. 

In the industry of Heating and Air Conditioning there’s an outstanding woman we want to remember: Margaret Ingels. She was the first woman in the U.S. to earn a mechanical engineering degree. She spent six years researching HVAC and made significant contributions in developing the modern air conditioning system. She has also invented the sling psychrometer which measures the humidity in the air. 

Thanks to Margaret Ingels we also have the temperature scale for comfort. 

“Do ordinary things with extraordinary love,” (Mother Teresa)

Other influential women we can’t forget on this International Women’s Day are Marie Curie (first woman winning Nobel Prize), Coco Chanel (great fashion designer) Mother Teresa known for her humanitarian work and Rosa Parks who refused to give her seat in a bus to a white man. 

The role of women in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry has been growing consistently during the last few years. Their work as technicians Installing and Repairing equipment is more relevant and contributes to the development of this industry. 

Trilogy Services AC wants to say THANKS to all the women who are part of our lives for their strong role in our modern society. 

Happy International Women’s Day! 


International Women's Day